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Geek Culture is no longer on the fringes of society but has reached the point where it plays a major role within the entertainment and economic fabric of the Twenty First Century. Comic book superheroes dominant the theater box office, Star Trek and Star Wars are more than science fiction epics to millions of fans, video games have become a billion dollar industry and many cities across the country have become hotbeds for tech startups. The list of those cities—from Seattle to Austin, New York to Chicago, and Atlanta to San Diego—also rank as the most Geek-oriented communities in the nation. This should not be a surprise, considering the increasing influence of Geek Culture on the new Millennium.

In many ways, Pittsburgh is a microcosm of those cities. The Steel City has a rich history when it comes to Geek Culture, for instance, that rivals almost anywhere else in the United States. Carnegie Mellon University plays an instrumental role within the field of robotics, meanwhile, and the local startup community keeps growing stronger every year. Pittsburgh-based comic book artists have found ways to balance working for major publishers while likewise generating their own independent creations, Schell Games is a national leader when it comes to educational-oriented video games, and the area contains a plethora of fan clubs geared towards almost anything one can imagine—including Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Ghostbusters, science fiction literature, steampunk and zombies.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Despite these facts, however, Pittsburgh is not often considered a “Geek Town,” at least not on the same levels as other major cities in the United States. Despite its rich history in not only Geek Culture but Pop Culture, very few people realize the role that Pittsburgh has played within those realms. And despite the thousands of people in the area who are fans of everything from Star Trek to Star Wars, not many are aware of the numerous fan-based activities that go on within the region.

Geek Pittsburgh was started with the mission of celebrating the role that Pittsburgh has played in both Geek and Pop Culture, while shining a spotlight on the people, places, things and events that shape Geek Culture in the Steel City from both a historical and contemporary perspective. Feature articles are segregated into the many categories that encompass Geek Culture and can even be considered an online “guide” and “history” that tells the story of Pittsburgh in each of those areas. These narratives are not meant to be “news items” or “current affairs” pieces but a record of the people, places, things and events from a general standpoint that can be read at any given point in time.

Although Pittsburgh may be a microcosm, Geek Culture extends from the East Coast to the West, and Geek Pittsburgh is equally committed to telling the story of other communities across the country and around the world as well. From national fandoms to local museums, legendary comic book artists to unique entertainment events, almost every city on the planet has its own Geek History. Geek Culture itself, meanwhile, has infiltrated films, novels, television and the World Wide Web, and Geek Pittsburgh is just as determined to shine the spotlight on these mediums and locales as it is on those in Western Pennsylvania.

Geek Culture, after all, is everywhere these days, and Geek Pittsburgh—despite its Steel City moniker—likewise knows no boundaries.

Anthony Letizia


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