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In many ways, the ABC series Castle serves as a hybrid of the classic detective shows of yesteryear and the forensic dramas of the Twenty First Century. Although the production stylings of Castle have a contemporary edge, the narratives reflect the character-driven nature of Columbo, McMillan and Wife and The Rockford Files. Richard Castle, for instance, is a fun-loving, best-selling crime novelist while Kate Beckett is a non-nonsense homicide detective. When fate throws them together in a murder investigation, Castle sets his eyes on Beckett for writing inspiration and manipulates his way onto her team as an outside consultant doing research. Add a drama queen actress mother and wise-beyond-her-years teenage daughter for the former and a supporting cast of NYPD colleagues for the latter, and Castle has all the ingredients of a modern day update of old-school mystery storytelling.


Review of Castle

Castle: An Old-School Detective Drama Review of the ABC crime drama that features a successful mystery writer assisting a no-nonsense female police detective in solving the latest New York murders.


Explorations of Castle

Castle and Real Life Superheroes Exploration of Real Life Superheroes as portrayed in the “Heroes and Villains” episode of the ABC drama Castle, as well as within the HBO documentary Superheroes.

Castle and Steampunk Culture Exploration of Steampunk culture as portrayed in the “Punked” episode of the ABC drama Castle, as well as within the pages of The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer.

Castle and Vampire Culture Exploration of vampire culture as portrayed in the “Vampire Weekend” episode of the ABC drama Castle, as well as within the pages of Vampires Today by Joseph Laycock.

Castle and the Zombie Horde Exploration of the current cultural fascination with zombies, including the popularity of Zombie Walks, using the “Undead Again” episode of the ABC drama Castle as catalyst.

Castle, Linchpin Theory and X-Events Exploration of X-events as outlined by systems theorist John Casti and how they relate to the season four “Pandora/Linchpin” double episode of the ABC drama Castle.

Castle, Prohibition and New York City Exploration of Prohibition and its influence on New York as well as the city’s tavern culture, with the “Last Call” episode of the ABC drama Castle serving as the catalyst.

The Nikki Heat Novels of Richard Castle Review of the Nikki Heat crime novels, including Heat Wave and Naked Heat, attributed to the fictional Richard Castle and how they relate to the ABC drama Castle.

Richard Castle, Derrick Storm and Nikki Heat Exploration of fictitious mystery writer Richard Castle from the ABC drama Castle and how his creations have found success on both sides of the small screen.


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