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While the FOX drama Fringe was initially compared to The X-Files, it has proven to be a unique exploration of the unexplainable in its own right. FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is assigned to a special unit that investigates peculiar phenomenon but whereas The X-Files was an exploration of paranormal activity bordering on the supernatural, Fringe is grounded in the exploration of “fringe science”—scientific inquiry in an established field of study which departs significantly from mainstream or orthodox theories. Dunham is joined by Walter Bishop, a former scientist employed by the government who has spent the past 17 years in a mental institution, and his estranged-but-likewise-genius son, Peter. While Fringe may be considered “science fiction,” its plots of possibilities, and questions of moral responsibilities in regards to scientific experimentation and research, actually transforms the series into a cautionary tale for our times.


Season Reviews of Fringe

Fringe Season One Review of the first season of the FOX drama that follows a small FBI task force investigating strange phenomenon on the edge of fringe science, as well as the resulting consequences.

Fringe Season Two Review of the second season of the FOX drama, in which both the show’s characters and overarching mythology involving a parallel universe at war with our own are further fleshed out.

Fringe Season Three Review of the third season of the FOX series, in which the show further distances itself from science fiction dramas of the past as it continues to explore a competing parallel universe.

Fringe Season Four Review of the fourth season of the FOX series, in which the show brings its narrative full circle by re-visiting the major themes it established in prior seasons and bringing a sense of closure.


Explorations of Fringe

The Experiments of Walter Bishop A series of quotes and observations from Dr. Walter Bishop of the FOX drama Fringe that offer insights into his radical scientific work of the 1970s for the US government.

Fringe and Mind Control Exploration of the mind control experiments performed on the FOX drama Fringe and the actual research conducted by the CIA’s MK-Ultra Project, with emphasis on the effects of LSD.

Fringe and the Physics of the Impossible Exploration of the science fiction found on the FOX drama Fringe, with emphasis on teleportation, and the real-life potential as discussed by physicist Michio Kaku.

Fringe and the Search for the Multiverse Exploration of the parallel universes in the FOX drama Fringe and how quantum physics prove their existence, as outlined in the book In Search of the Multiverse.

Fringe Science: Explorations of the Sci-Fi Drama Review of the book Fringe Science: Parallel Universes, White Tulips, and Mad Scientists, which offers insights and observations on the FOX drama.


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