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Web Series Reviews

The advancement of the World Wide Web as an information and entertainment source has had a tremendous impact on all forms of traditional media. From newspapers and radio to the music and publishing industries, upheaval of established business practices has been the norm throughout the Twenty First Century. Television is no different, with the Internet rising as a mode of video distribution and the web series becoming a potential kindred-spirit of visual narrative entertainment. With the costs associated with filming equipment diminishing and the popularity of web-based entertainment growing, anyone with a story to tell now has the ability to craft their own ongoing serial narrative without the need to relocate to Hollywood. The number of unique voices creating web series keeps growing exponentially, with many of them containing a level of quality that rivals any show found on traditional television.


Aidan 5 Review of the sci-fi web series about a police detective investigating the murder of his own clones in the year 2064 that features illustrated settings in black and white, similar to the film Sin City.

Awkward Embraces Review of the geek-centric web series that follows three twentysomething female friends and their screwball comedy-like attempts to find the perfect love in all the wrong places.

Blink the Series Review of the comic book-inspired web series in which a Canadian living in Berlin discovers that he has the ability to teleport, while also sharing similarities with the NBC drama Heroes.

Blue Movies Review of the comedy web series about a misguided intern working at a pornographic film studio, the assistant he is attracted to and the director who has artistic ambitions for his creations.

The Booth at the End Review of the Vuguru-produced web series that stars veteran actor Xander Berkeley as a mysterious man capable of granting wishes upon completion of morally-challenging tasks.

The Booth at the End Season Two Review of the second season of the dramatic web series about a mysterious man who can grant any wish, but only after a morally ambiguous task has been completed.

Casters Review of the New York City-based web series about a trio of podcasters and their efforts to balance the “need to be heard” with the various trials and tribulations of their twentysomething lives.

Cell Review of the psychological thriller web series about a man and woman trapped in the basement of an unknown captor who must rely on each other to keep both their sanity and sense of personal identity.

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager Review of the first season of the web series created by Wisconsin residents Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda that chronicles the adventures of Darth Vader’s younger brother.

The Collectibles Review of the comedy web series about a group of costume-clad superheroes employed by a revenue-driven corporation that resembles a Marvel Universe adaptation of NBC’s The Office.

The Confession Review of the dramatic web series that features Kiefer Sutherland as a professional hitman and John Hurt as a priest, filled with philosophical undertones and an action-packed backstory.

Continuum Review of the science fiction web series that follows a woman who wakes up on a spaceship with no memory and must decide whether to trust the ship’s computer or the only other human onboard.

Danger 5: The Diamond Girls Review of the comedy web series about a team of secret agents assigned to thwart various Nazi schemes, as well as Adolph Hitler, in a 1960s pop culture recreation of the 1940s.

Death Star PR Review of the Star Wars-inspired comedy web series about a small public relations team onboard the Death Star, who are charged with putting a positive spin on the Empire’s treacherous actions.

Dirigible Days Review of the Steampunk-themed web series that shares similarities with the creations of George Lucas and Joss Whedon while likewise remaining original and entertaining in its own right.

Dragon Age: Redemption Review of the Felicia Day web series that takes place within the world of BioWare’s Dragon Age video game and features the search for an escaped mage and personal redemption.

Drone Review of the sci-fi web series in which robots have become the standard in ground warfare until one of them refuses to follow a command and goes on the run with the help of a computer programmer.

Fourplay in LA Review of the comedy web series that explores the lives of four female roommates living in Los Angeles through a series of short-episode snapshots that, taken together, paint a vivid picture.

Freckle and Bean Review of the comedy web series about two female roommates struggling to make their dreams of becoming Hollywood actresses come true that conjures up memories of Laverne & Shirley.

Fresh Hell Review of the comedy web series in which Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Brent Spiner tries to rebuild his life with the help of some sitcom-worthy characters after a high profile meltdown.

Guidestones Review of the conspiracy web series about two journalist students who uncover a complex mystery involving the actual Georgia Guidestones and the secret organization behind their construction.

The Guild Review of the six-season, groundbreaking comedy web series created by actress Felicia Day that revolves around a group of online gamers who struggle when it comes to living in the real world.

I Am Tim Review of the mockumentary web series that follows the exploits of Tim Helsing, a descendant of legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing, whose destiny it is to fight the demons of the world.

The Last Man(s) on Earth Review of the comedy web series about “end of the world” survival skills and the attempts of the two main characters to create a series of instructional videos for any scenario.

Mermates Review of the comedy web series about a male mermaid, who looks normal on the outside, and his new human roommate that flips its fish-out-of-water premise by focusing on the human’s perspective.

The Mop and Lucky Files Review of the comedy web series that follows two unemployed females as they open an under-the-radar personal espionage service for women worried about their boyfriend’s fidelity.

Odd Jobs Review of the witty comedic webseries that follows a suddenly unemployed investment banker who is forced to make a living through a series of odd jobs found on Craigslist by his slacker friend.

Out of Luck Review of the comedic web series about a mischievous leprechaun that loses his powers and recruits a human male to help him in exchange for romantic guidance regarding the woman he loves.

Pioneer One Review of the dramatic web series about the return to Earth by an unknown Russian cosmonaut raised on Mars that has undertones of a slow-burning political and psychological thriller.

Pueblo Review of the offbeat romantic comedy web series about an American teacher living in small town Spain that has a Woody Allen-esque style and serves as an effective “postcard” for the region.

Ragged Isle Season One Review of the first season of the supernatural web series about a string of mysterious deaths on a small island off the coast of Maine that contains hints of a ghost bent on revenge.

Ragged Isle Season Two Review of the second season of the supernatural drama, in which the web series expands from its Twin Peak roots with elements of The X-Files as the mysterious deaths continue.

RCVR Review of the award-winning sci-fi web series that follows a member of a secret government agency that covers up UFO sightings in the 1970s while likewise searching for the next human “receiver.”

The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else Review of the comedic web series about a Lebanese lesbian writing a chick-lit novel with the help of her friends in order to fund a research trip to Afghanistan.

Saving Rent Review of the web series sitcom about a Los Angeles advertising manager who is forced to rent out rooms in his house to a group of strangers in order to save money after he loses his job.

Shelf Life Review of the comedy web series about four superhero action figures that come to life when left alone, just like the toys in the Pixar animated film Toy Story but with more adult-oriented humor.

The Silent City Review of the web series that follows a nameless survivor as he walks the desolate streets of New York after an unknown apocalypse, and was filmed in actual abandoned locales in the city.

Space Janitors Review of the comedy web series about a group of intergalactic misfits employed on an Imperial space station that not only spoofs sci-fi films like Star Wars but entertains on its own as well.

Squaresville Review of the dramedy web series that follows two “best friend” female high school students as they make their way through the boredom of their teenage years while remaining true to themselves.

Transolar Galactica Review of the comedy web series that follows the antics of Captain Remmington Trig of the S.S. StarSpanner and serves as both a spoof and homage to such sci-fi classics as Star Trek.

Vampire Mob Review of the genre-mixing web series about a hit man for the mob, who also happens to be a vampire, his dysfunctional middle class family and the difficulties he has balancing the two lifestyles.

The Variants Review of the comedic web series about a group of employees at a Dallas-based comic book store that delivers geek-based humor which can be appreciated by geeks and non-geeks alike.

Voyage Trekkers Review of the comedy web series that follows the misadventures of a Galactic Union crew that not only spoofs the Star Trek television series but contains its own originality as well.

We Are with the Band Review of the Los Angeles-based web series that follows two female hipsters and their comedic misadventures within the local underground music scene while partying through life.


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